This site does not serve to predict winner of a football match for instance; what this site can do is to teach you how to do it - all by yourself!

First of all, you must become familiar with art of horary astrology.

Horary astrology can be used to predict the winner of a sports event in two ways:

For the event chart we always cast a chart for date, time and place of the match.

For horary chart involving a specific question we cast a chart for the date, time and place when someone asks the question, if the data are known. Otherwise, we do it for the date, time and place when we (astrologers) understand the question.


There are several methods to do a horary reading of an event chart where we need to consider the home team and the visiting team.


Here is the picture from match Manchester United vs Arsenal (0:1), 17 September 2006, 16h, Manchester.

Look well at this picture, and then look at chart! How appropriate is chart regarding kit's colour of teams in this case!

If you cast the chart you got ASC=3Cap05.

Ruler of ASC is Sa in Leo. As you see on picture Arsenal has yellow (Leo) and black (Sa) sports kit. So Arsenal is ASC and its ruler!

Ruler of DSC is Moon (white) in Leo (bright red). So, DSC and its ruler is Manchester United.

If you are not sure which team to choose for the ASC just look for a colour which is suitable for the ASC sign and its ruler:

Zodiacal Signs and Colors
Zodiacal Planets and Colors
Colours - The Foundation of Accurate Prediction

There are some final matches which are being held on neutral stadiums and in than case it is not easy to decide which team is the ASC and which one is the DSC. In such a situation you have to consider the adequate zodiacal sign which represents the country or the city in the question. For that purpose go to this link:

Zodiacal Signs and Countries

When you determine who is ASC and who is DSC, first check out the potential for a draw. The match is draw usually if:

Here is the example chart for the match which ended as a draw - 1:1. This is the event chart for match Barcelona vs. Chelsea.

As you see, the dispositor of the Moon is combust and retrograde. I noticed, in my practice, than whenever you have retrograde planet in house of fame and success (10th house for the ASC team, or 4th house for the DSC team, here we have Sa rx in 10th house), there are more possibility that goals will be scored in second half of the match. That was the case in this match. Ronaldinho (Barcelona) scores in 78min, and than in 90+2min. Lampard (Chelsea) scores from the penalty spot. I also noticed, from my practice than whenever you have Chiron in 10th or 4th there are more possibility for penalty.

Extra time and penalties...

When in horary event chart angles are cardinal, rulers cardinal and Moon cardinal all happens very quick so everything will be completion until 90 min.

When in horary event chart angles are mutable, rulers mutable and Moon mutable all happens less quick so we can expect extra time.

When in horary event chart angles are fix, rulers fix and Moon fix all happens slow so we can expect penalties.

Of course, you will rarely get so clear "picture", but you than count and see what fact prevails (cardinal, mutable, fix).

See my example chart for extra time and penalties:

UEFA CUP 2007 - Final

If there is no potential for a draw, than go on and look for rulers of corresponding houses, their accidental dignities and determine which is stronger. Please note that this step takes careful consideration and it is never as easy as it sounds like! But if accidental dignities and debilities are more or less equal, a strong discrepancy of essentiall dignity can be crucial.

For Lilly's table to examine the accidental dignity & debility of each planet click here!

For Lilly's table to examine the essential dignity & debility of each planet click here!

Remember these rules:


Thanks to Peter from Canada, one member of Sports astrology forum I get to know how to predict timing of goals! Here are his suggestions:

If you want to predict the time when goals will be scored you have to add minute by minute on kick/off time and see if there are some change regarding signs on cusps or regarding planet entering in new house. But problem is that not every change means goal, but every change is possibility for goal.

For goals in second half it is important to know add time and pause time exactly. For example, goals scored in 61min may mean 45 min 1st half + for example 2 minutes add time + 15 minutes pause +16 minutes from 2nd half. Because there must past 4min for change one degree, in some cases you have goal few minutes after some change.


Here is the event chart for match Barcelona vs Werder Bremen 2:0 (12min, 17min); 5 Dec 2006. 8:45, GMT+1, Comp Now, 2E11, 41N23.

As you see, after only 2 min from kick/off, ASC/DSC axic change sign to Le/Aq, but at that time noone scored. Next change was at 20:55h (10 min), when Me from 5th house entered in 4th house. Two minutes later Ronaldinho score for Barcelona. At 21:02h (17min) Sa entered 1st house and that was the time when Gudjohnsen scored second goal for Barcelona.

From my experience goals are usually scored when:

In example above, at the scoring time, 20:55, we had Sun's antiscion (ruler of 1st house) at 16 Cap 28, in partile square with MC/IC axis! At the time when 2nd goal was scored, at 21:02 we had POF in partile sextile with Sun, ruler of 1st house!


For the time being, we have provided you with few examples, but later we will add some fresh new ones, so please be invited to see them and do visit us again!

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More examples will be coming soon...

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More examples: Page 2 , Page 3

Hopefully, you will find my experience usefull and soon you will become inspired to inquire more deeply into a most wonderful world of horary astrology!

If you have your own examples (with explanations) of any sports astrology events please send it to me, I will publish them on this site.

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